What are people saying?

Thank you for everything you did to help Mom get through her short stay at Sartwell Place. She could not have been in a safer, mare caring environment. I never for a moment thought that she was not getting proper care. Please thank all the caregivers who provided assistance and guidance to help her get through each day. I got to know many of them by first names and looked forward to seeing them when I visited Mom. They are good people. I can see why Morrison Nursing Home/Sartwell Place family always rates five stars.

Doug Frizzel
Whitefield, NH

We are so impressed with your dedication and devotion at Morrison. We appreciate the care and love (and the above and beyond) effort given each day.

Ray Conway and Family
Jefferson, NH

I want to live independently, but I am excited that we will have a community where there are friends nearby, and where we will have options to remain in the community, but receive assistance when the time comes. The North Country is a wonderful place to live, and Summit by Morrison offers a great location for people who wish to live here.

Anna Rioux
Littleton, NH

Summit by Morrison is a dream come true. My husband, David, and I, strong supporters and admirers of The Morrison for years, congratulate the members of the board and staff who have put years of work into seeing this beautiful, unparalleled senior community come to life. This will rejuvenate the town of Whitefield by welcoming newcomers and locals, be they residents or staff, to our lovely village.

Elaine Dana
Whitefield, NH

The planners did a masterful job creating The Summit by Morrison. They seem to have thought of everything: a main building that is beautiful with a huge two story auditorium, a two story dining room, a store, meeting rooms, library, game room, and most importantly, medical facilities for a wide range of health and physical issues. There are huge windows everywhere! Not only are the windows in the public areas, but each apartment has what seems to be walls of windows, including a beautiful bay window. There are one or two bedroom apartments and individual homes available. Finally, its location, across the street from the physicians’ offices and the police and fire departments adds a real sense of security. Immense thought and planning has gone into every detail of this wonderful venue. Well done!

Dolly McPhaul
Sugar Hill, NH

Wow! The attention to detail, the quality of construction, and the entire layout of this project were so impressive.

…the nearly finished cottages…pleasantly surprised at just how “homey” they all felt. Comfortable, roomy, and beautifully designed and decorated. (In the main building), …the fireproof building materials, the extensive use of sound deadening materials, the brightly lit hallways and recessed door openings … the list just went on and on. Large dining areas served by a central kitchen, and a very roomy meeting or conference open area were there to really make this building a vibrant living center.

When we left, both of us could not stop talking about the Summit and how impressed we were by what we saw. This is really a village of its own … a village within the town of Whitefield.

Stan and Sandy Holtz
Whitefield, NH